ReeLeaf celebrates 3 year anniversary in May

Three years already....where has the time gone? For most of us we have the feeling that we lost a few years...because we did. What Mike and I did during this difficult time was to take a long hard look at the products we were offering in our store. After having conversations with some of our vendors that we had started out with in 2019 we made the decision to make our own product line. Our desire was to know exactly what was in our products, to use them on ourselves first so that we could truly give our customers first hand accounts about how we felt, how it tackled any issues we were dealing with and to get the cost at a price point that didn't break the bank. Our true belief is that it should not cost a fortune to feel better.

We now have a full product line of tinctures, muscle cream, daily moisturizer, under eye cream, deep skin therapy lotion, honey, and gummies in regular and sugar free. Sounds like a lot because it is. We wanted to provide our customers with options but to never shirk in the quality of CBD that we were providing. We feel that we have accomplished that. We also know that we will continue to grow and to make sure that we are of service to those who truly need it.

We thank all of you for your support for our store and our products. We can't thank you enough for hanging in there with us during a trying time. We look forward to what the future has to bring us all.

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